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RV Wraps

Take your Rhetoric to the Road with RV and Tour Bus Wraps

Are you traveling far distances to promote your new business or band tour? Planning on stopping at conventions and fairs? Then don’t hesitate to wrap your travel RV! RV wraps are great for self-promotion while on the road. No matter where you go, your big RV will speak for you as you travel from city to city. Check out some of the recent work we have done.

Create big and bold designs that will pop even more from the sheer size of your vehicle alone. Stir up some excitement as you roll into town, promoting a band on tour or a brand new business venture. No matter where you go, potential customers will be able to spot your RV wrap from far distances and attract those customers that you really want.

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Branding on the Go With an RV or Tour Bus Wrap

If you’re just starting out, or already an experienced business, RV wraps are perfect for establishing your brand on a larger scale. Plus, no need for outrageous designs and cheesy slogans! Our creative team is here to help find a design that will fit the goals and mission that your business represents. Be subtle and classy, or colorful and bold!

Some Things to Include

Give all the information that a customer could possibly be looking for while on the road. What’s more, with the size of an RV wrap, all of this is feasible and more! You can literally display a huge amount of information on the RV.

Design it to include:

  • your brand logo
  • brand or company contact information
  • tour dates and/or event dates
  • logos from sponsors or affiliates
  • customers satisfaction quotes
  • anything else you want your target audience and customers to know!

Comparing the Numbers

We won’t sugar-coat it: RV wraps are expensive, from the size alone. However, when compared to the monthly rates of stationary billboards or commercial advertisements, an RV wrap is a great investment in the long haul. It’s one price to pay for months of free advertising on the road, taking it anywhere you want, to find that target audience.

What’s more, we are an exceptionally green facility, using eco-friendly printing techniques to reduce our carbon footprint. Check out our Green Page for more information.